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Upcoming Events

Bishop Trip - Feb 2015

Streamer Fishing with George Daniel

Many fly fishers consider using streamer flies only as a last ditch effort, i.e., when no other tactic works. These anglers will swim a wooly bugger across the stream or even straight downstream and then pull it back. They believe this is the principle of streamer fishing, and while this approach might, at times, work, there’s a whole other level of fishing that the angler can move up to. Just as minor adjustments are often needed to vary weight, tippet size and leader lengths when fishing with dry flies or nymphs -- the same is true with streamer fishing. And understanding your environment and how to adjust your streamer rig to match specific conditions can bring you amazing success. This principle is the heart of our October presentation: Streamer Fishing with George Daniel. George will cover such topics as the effectiveness of certain streamer patterns, how to fish them, how to retrieve them, and, of course, lines, casting and line control.

George Daniel is definitely the person who is qualified to guide us on this new journey. After his newest book, Strip-Set, had all the reviewers and readers praising George’s enormous research, thoughtful analysis, clear conclusions and great photos, the fly fishing world realized it had a new star. George first made a big splash with the earlier publication (2012) of his very successful book, Dynamic Nymphing, with the book’s forward being written by our very good friend (and expert British angler), Charles Jardine.

George began fly fishing at age six in Potter County, Pennsylvania. Growing up along a native brook trout fishery designated as a “kids only section” and, being the only kid in the village who fished, George was able to fly fish and practice a lot, so he developed a true passion for it. Through his early teens, much of his fly fishing knowledge was self-taught. However, when George was 14, his family relocated to central Pennsylvania, where, at a local fly shop, he found himself talking to his fly fishing idol, Joe Humphreys. Joe kindly took George under his wing and began providing him with his first, formalized fly fishing instruction. When George was just 16-years-old, Joe began to provide instruction on all levels, e.g., the basic cast to advanced nymphing casts. George credits Joe for the bulk of his knowledge, but also graciously acknowledges many national and international fly fishing professionals who have worked with him during the past.

When George went off to a university, he didn’t stray very far from the lovely streams of Pennsylvania. He attended Lock Haven University, where he earned a degree in natural resource management.

Later, George had an opportunity to try out for Fly Fishing Team USA in Bend, Oregon. After qualifying for the team, George had the opportunity to compete in six World Fly Fishing Championships, coach both the US Youth Team and Fly Fishing Team USA in four World Championships. During this time, George has had an opportunity to travel the globe and learn from many of the best anglers in the world. George is a two-time US National Fly Fishing Champion and was ranked as high as 5th in the world. Currently, George is head coach for Fly Fishing Team USA. George also spent two years coaching Fly Fishing Team USA.

George’s true passion is in fly fishing education. He appears at clubs and fly fishing shows around the country, where he conducts lectures and seminars. He also logs more than 280 days a year on trout waters near and far. George and his wife Amidea bought and restored an old home along his favorite trout stream, and it is here where they spend many hours with their two children walking along the banks, throwing stones and sometimes even catching a fish.

George is not only the author of two highly regarded and best selling books, he has also published articles in Fly Fisherman, American Angler and Fly Tyer magazines.

George is a pro-staffer for a number of fly fishing companies including Orvis, Tacky Fly Boxes, Flycraft Boats, Regal Vices, Competitive Angler Tying Supplies, Golden Trout Lanyards, and Loon. George is a fly designer and brand ambassador for Holly Flies.

For many, this presentation will be an illuminating and fascinating examination of a very effective technique. Also, George will have books with him to sell and autograph for whomever wants one, as well as packets containing four of his favorite streamers.

To check out more about this young, dynamic fly fisher, go to