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Upcoming Events


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Flats Fishing the World with Captain Bruce Chard

We fly fishers quickly discover that there are at least two elements of our sport that are amazingly constant. One is that we almost always find stunning beauty in where we fish, excusing, of course, the sometimes bizarre and unusual location of carp fishing in the L.A. River. Most of the time, however, we are in true beauty and splendor of nature, be it a small mountain stream, a brawling Rockies free stone river, a picturesque alpine lake or a stunning atoll in the Pacific. It is true: most fish live in the most beautiful places on earth. The second constant is that there is always, ALWAYS something new to learn – some new strategy, some new fly and some new place to go.

Well, for the second presentation in our new year, we are going to be absolutely smothered in beauty -- unabashed images of spectacular scenery from around our earth that will undoubtedly create a lovely wish list of new destinations, all the while being bombarded with new ideas and tactics and gadgets.

For more than two decades, Capt. Bruce Chard has made his love and commitment to fly fishing abundantly clear through countless activities and accomplishments. And without a doubt, his first love (after fly fishing) is teaching people – all kinds of people – how to fish, how to cast, how to see all the grace, charm and beauty in what we do and where we “do” it.

Bruce started fishing when he was 10-years-old, living in Venice, Florida, by tossing shrimp in the intercostal waterways. After moving to Pennsylvania, he saw a fly fishing magazine while he was still in his teens and loved the way the casting looked; he’s been a devotee ever since. After graduating high school in the keystone state, Bruce moved immediately back to Florida and, at 18, started guiding in the Keys. His mentor was Jake Jordan, who was affiliated with the fly shop where Bruce had started working. Jake took young Bruce under his wing, introducing him to the many fly fishing icons he knew.

That was 24 years ago and Bruce’s rise in the fly fishing world has been meteoric. From when he was certified as a Federation of Fly Fishers Master Certified Fly Casting Instructor while still in his early 20s, Bruce has been conducting multiple fly casting and fly fishing schools throughout the Florida Keys, the Bahamas, Mexico and Belize, and he’s recently been expanding these schools to even wider world locations. He’s also the Director of Fly Fishing School Operations for Bozeman, Montana-based Yellow Dog Fly Fishing Adventures.

14 times has Bruce been on the cover of well-known fly fishing magazines and he’s been written about countless times. He is a published writer and photographer himself and is currently under contract to write a fly fishing book for Stackpole. And Bruce gives back; he has devoted his expertise and time as a board member of the American Fly Fishing Trade Association (AFFTA) and regularly contributes time and energy to the many important conservation efforts of Bonefish and Tarpon Trust (BTT). Still in his early 40s, Bruce has already accomplished multiple achievements in both the introduction of new developments in the fly fishing industry as well as game changing flats fishing techniques, fly patterns and equipment.

And yet, of all his many accomplishments, overriding all seems to be his undisputed gift of connecting with fly fishers of all ages and skill levels. And his enthusiasm is described by everyone who knows him as absolutely infectious -- people say fly fishing isn’t Bruce’s job, it’s his life. And he loves all of it.

As Bruce takes us literally around the world, this is a presentation you will definitely enjoy, whether you are a flats fishing aficionado (yet) or not.